Choosing Eye-Catching Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Sometimes it is more difficult to come up with a topic than writing an essay itself. To create interesting compare and contrast essay topics, try the techniques described below.

Finding a Sonorous and Original Title for your Essay

First, write the essay or article. Until your work is written completely, summarizing everything that is written in it will be extremely difficult for you. In addition, the result of the work may be slightly different, from what was originally planned, so it is better to leave the title for the very last moment.

Deciding on the Theme

The title is intended, so that the potential reader, when looking at it, could understand how much the content of the composition corresponds to his or her interests. This means that the selected title should contain a brief idea of the nature of the work and not be too lengthy. For example, a headline such as “death” or “symbolism” does not fit.

Determining the Audience You’re Writing Your Work for

This should be thought already at the stage of writing the essay, but once again you need to return to this issue, when choosing the appropriate title. Your headline may vary depending on the target audience. Put yourself in the place of readers. What would motivate you to read the article? Clarity? Brevity? Humor?

Reread Your Article and Find the Key Phrase

You will need to find in your text a word or phrase that, on the one hand, will reflect the main thesis, and on the other hand – will attract the attention of the audience. In the final section, for example, the main essence of the work should already be generalized, therefore borrowing a phrase from there and using it as a title, you can create a rather pleasant cyclical effect.

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  • You can also take a few words from your work and enter them into the search engine to find the quotes corresponding to your topic. If there is one, then using it partially or completely, you can make a catchy title.

Think about Borrowing Key Phrases from the Source

The author of your source or sources of information, whether it is a book, a play, or other material, could represent the basic thoughts in a way that there is no other way to say it better. Therefore, you can fully use the quotation taken from the source as the title of your article. But it is important to remember that the quotation should not be isolated from the text of your work. You need to change the quote so that it accurately reflects the main essence of your article, for example: “We are carried backstream”: the narrative and retrospective of the “Great Gatsby.”

Tips When Coming Up with Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • The title should not be long. If you can express the main idea in four words, there is no need to think how you can say it differently in more words. However, there is no need to opt for a shorter but boring title, if there is an eye-catching, interesting, albeit more voluminous version, go for it.
  • On the other hand, if you write an official research work, then the headline should be as informative as possible, even if it takes a lot of words.
  • If it is not required by a genre of work, then try to avoid using complex scientific terms. For example, instead of a specific, but much less attractive title: “The Lifetime of the South African Tree Frog,” write briefly: “This Is the Life of a Frog.”
  • To find a middle ground between the brevity and the informativeness, use subheadings. If you have an eye-catching, interesting title, but, at the same time, not sufficiently informative, write a subtitle in which you can express the main essence of the work. For example: “This Is the Life of a Frog”, “Life Expectancy of a South African Tree Frog.”
  • Have you ever heard of a song or a TV show while writing an essay? If so, then try to adapt the title of this TV show or the phrase from the song to your work and thus make a title.
  • To give a boring title some spice, write as follows: first a quote, a colon, and then a headline. For example: “Strong gender?”: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Women in the Works of “Metamorphosis” and “Wanderer.”


  • Don’t worry much about writing the perfect title. The most important thing is the content of the composition.
  • If there is no special need for that, do not use the pronouns “you,” “I,” “we,” “us” in the title, because these are informal words, and your title with them won’t look presentable.
  • The selected title should not be repulsive. No rude expressions or profanity. You need to show yourself to the readers from the best side.
  • If you write a composition, a review of the book, try to do without mentioning its title in the title. For example: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is not the best option.
  • Make your title as short and informative as possible.

Understanding the Topic

Read the title of the essay in which the topic should be formulated.

  • In most cases, the theme denotes the first noun indicated in the title of the essay.
  • For example, the title is: “Mood Changes Are One of the Most Common Mental Illnesses.” From this sentence, you can understand that, most likely, the theme of the essay is mood changes.
  • However, sometimes the topic of the essay is not used in its title. In these cases, the topic can be described in the first two sentences.
  • For example, you can start this way: “In the field of psychology, diseases that affect a person’s ability to maintain a corresponding mood for emotional stimuli are the most difficult to understand.” Even if the topic is not directly indicated in the context, it is quite understandable it is from the sentence.

Define Your Tasks

These are any details or items that need to be included in the composition. They can contain information, examples, and analysis of these examples.

  • The conditions usually specify the number of examples.
  • Each example, most likely, will have to have exact facts, dates, events, and places.
  • If the requirements do not specify the purpose of the essay (for example, to prove anything), simply write down the questions that you need to answer. Develop your compare and contrast essay topics around these issues.

Find the examples that you can include in the essay. They can be specified in the requirements, or you will have to make a list of examples yourself.

  • Find a list of criteria or a sample of an essay. Basically, an essay is a kind of evaluation tool, so you can be instructed to write an essay on the topic you have already covered.

Make a list of possible examples. Choose the most suitable and proven facts. Be sure to find out the minimum number of examples allowed.

  • In some thematic essays, it is proposed to take one of the positions of the dispute on the topic.

Give examples to each micro theme, include the details in the description. Each item must meet the requirements.

  • You can even make an organizational chart. Make a list of requirements and tasks, then prioritize them, and then consider how widely each item can be expanded.

Writing Down the Thesis

The thesis is a sentence, which concludes the whole essence of the composition and your main idea. It is recommended to include the thesis in the preamble paragraph. In the body, the thesis must be proved.

  • The thesis should reflect your main idea about the chosen topic. It can be supplemented by examples and details.
  • For example, an essay on mood changes may include the following thesis: “Clinical depression is a mental illness that affects many processes, but is still poorly understood.”

The first item is the preamble. Here, you need to acquaint the reader with the topic of the essay.

  • In fact, in it, will challenge some position, talk on a topic, and so on.
  • If you write an essay about a particular person, about an event or work, you need to mention this in the preamble paragraph.
  • The thesis is usually included at the end of the preamble, but there are cases when it is more appropriate to include it in the beginning.

Think about the main part. Each paragraph should reveal a micro theme. Do not forget about the requirements for the essay.

  • The number of paragraphs of the main part can vary. If according to the requirements you need to compose an essay of five paragraphs, then the main part will include three paragraphs.
  • The first sentence of each paragraph should be combined with the previous paragraph and contain a thesis on the micro theme.
  • If necessary, you can mention examples and proofs from the textbook or lectures on this topic.

Then, write a short conclusion. The final paragraph is a paraphrased thesis and its short proof.

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  • It is necessary to summarize the main points of view, basic evidence, and examples.
  • There shouldn’t be any new information in the conclusion.

Reread the Essay

Check spelling and punctuation, correct speech inaccuracies.

Spelling and grammatical errors can be corrected immediately, but the remaining inaccuracies need to be corrected later. See if you chose the best of compare and contrast essay topics.

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