Pre-AP English 10

22 October 2012

Creation Myths Around the World

There are many commonalities among creation misguided beliefs from all over the world. Two things most creation stories share is that the god(s) improved the earth, and people generally view themselves as the middle of fact. Human beings often liken themselves to the gods they praise.

The theme of God(s) improving the planet earth in mythology can be mentioned in the holy bible when God keeps producing improvements to the earth as they " noticed how good [they] were” (New, 4). The creation tale of the Aztecs is similar because the gods kept replacing the world mainly because each planet's people got moral flaws (World, 146). In essence, the earth was being bettered for a persons race. This theme is usually incorporated in Greek mythology. The Ancient greek language approach is that at first there were only Damage, but steadily, things like Like and Light and Day developed, making the world a significantly less hostile place (Hamilton 65-66). While the gods did not always contribute to this kind of, the basic principle is the same. Humans think about gods getting on their side, fighting to them because gods are connected with human characteristics such as sympathy and love.

Another design in creationism is that individuals have a very human-centric perspective of the world, just as Americans tend to look at early civilizations from a Euro-centric perspective. One example on this is the scriptures. God " created guy in His very own image, inside the divine image he produced him”(New, 4). God creating the man in the own photo shows that human beings personify gods. God can be considered human. An additional specimen is not only Greek creationism, but Ancient greek culture. Ancient greek culture revolved around the understanding of the simple human contact form, as proved by the Greek gods, in whose human kind is the very essence of their importance. The Aztec fable is similar to the biblical creation story because they assumed that the person and girl were made in the blood and bones of gods, which shows that the Aztecs personified...

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