Beowulf as A The case Epic Main character

What are the qualities of the epic leading man? An Epic hero is a main character on a mission, with superhuman powers displaying courage, kindness, and dedication. Translated by simply Burton Raffel, the epic story Beowulf is one of the ideal and well-known epics of its time. In the story Beowulf the epic main character Beowulf reveals characteristics of courage, physical strength, commitment, self-confidence, and wisdom, much like characters today.

Inside the epic Beowulf, the title personality, shows his physical strength and bravery in several techniques. " ‘Dripping with my personal enemies' blood. I went / [f]i have great giants into organizations, chased as well as [a]ll of this race from earth”' (Beowulf 232-234). Beowulf boasts at his considerable bravery and initiative in battle simply by naming several of his outstanding accomplishments. " ‘In the blackest of night, hunting monsters / [o]ut from the ocean, and killing these people one / [b]y one particular; death was my charge and the fate / that they had earned '” states Beowulf (Beowulf 235-238). Here Beowulf brags his bravery once more to tell of his voyage and the lives he's used. " ‘ My Lord Higlac as well as [m]ight think less of me basically let my sword / [g]o wherever my ft were worried to, if I hid at the rear of some extensive linden protect: my hands alone shall fight for me personally... ”' (Beowulf 248-252). Beowulf exhibits his courage by fearlessly supplying to defend the dominion in challenge. " ‘ I have heard / [t]oo that the monster's scorn of men / [i]s so great that this individual needs zero weapons and fears none. / Neither will I”'(Beowulf 245-248). Beowulf proves his extreme sum of courage with his give to take on the monster without needing any weaponry, only physical strength to defeat him. Even though Beowulf has a wide range of courage, this individual has the amazing physical durability to support it.

Although physical durability and valor are essential characteristics of an epic hero, knowledge, loyalty and self-confidence also play a major role. " ‘ The errand as well as [i]s an excellent one, our business with the glorious king / [o]f the...


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