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Comparability and Comparison Essay

EGL 1010

Professor Alvin R. Parrish, Sr.

Nordstrom and Forever twenty one are retailers that offer popular, trendy, fashionable clothing, accessories, and shoes. My spouse and i shop on the Forever 21 years old and Nordstrom stores in Annapolis Shopping center. Many people enjoy searching at both stores because of the trendy clothes. Since Forever 21 has inexpensive garments, teenagers like to gravitate generally there. Nordstrom is a high end retail outlet that provides top of the line garments and accessories. Older people like to shop by Nordstrom since it provides highquality apparel. Nordstrom focuses more on fulfilling the customers and providing brand clothing. Despite the fact that Forever twenty-one has good clothing, I suggest shopping at Nordstrom because of the quality with their clothing, their very own outstanding customer service, and their pleasurable atmosphere. Nordstrom sells top quality clothing that customers can easily keep for a long time, but Forever 21 typically sells garments made of cheap materials that can only be worn a short time. In case their clothing is not really properly looked after, the purchase will not previous very long. Nordstrom allows clients to choose between huge varieties of brand clothing. Apparel from top designers can be acquired from Nordstrom, Forever 21 does not present that. If you wish the best away of your money I guide customers to acquire high quality clothing from Nordstrom. Outstanding customer care is another explanation to shop at Nordstrom, and poor customer service is another explanation to by pass shopping for Forever 21 years old. At Nordstrom, They provide a variety of services which include gift wrapping, layaway, and appropriate returning policies. Staff also go out of their way to assist customers. At Permanently 21, you need to approach product sales representatives if you have an issue or want support. At Permanently 21, customers are left to help themselves. You do not see many product sales representatives walking around trying to assist customers. In addition , their go back...


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