Esmeralda Cuevas Arroyo

COMS 321

Professor Peck

November 19, 2014

Controversy over the American DREAM

The DREAM Work addresses the young people who have grew up in the United States, brought to the us by their parents, without having a say in the decision, in order to find themselves in immigration limbo. For those that qualify, the FANTASY Act (Development, Relief, and Education pertaining to Alien Minors) is a conference with a life-changing impact.

Reyna Wences uses her personal experience in " My entire life in the Shadows” to raise community awareness to the problems illegal immigrants, just like herself, deal with on a daily basis. Wences opens a window on her audience to find the frustration came across by youngsters pleading to get a chance by success in the area that has become their particular new house. Her producing implores support for the DREAM Act bill, which will allow for these types of young individuals to come out of the shadows. Her personal drawings of the adversities faced in her beginning country, South america, and in crossing the line emphasize the value of offering immigrants a chance at a better life, since the opportunities intended for an unrecorded immigrants will be " only half available, ” particularly in education and work.

A different aspect of the DESIRE Act is usually presented in Mark Krikorian's " FANTASY On, ” where it truly is argued which the Act contains four significant imperfections in the manner the WISH Act continues to be written. In accordance to Krikorian, the work covers also broad age requirements, stimulates fraud, could attract further illegal immigration, and prize illegal migrants. Knowing that Krikorian is the exec director from the Center pertaining to Immigration Research, a group that promotes increased immigration laws and observance, it is not astonishing that he can a DREAM Take action doubter. His commentary clearly attempts to sway the opinion of supporters from the bill, when reinforcing the belief of those along with his same view on the subject.

Although Krikorian is correct about the need to addresses some of the challenges...

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