CYP31-2. a few

Cognitive (Piaget)

Piaget's give attention to the children's thinking led to the development of the stages of cognitive creation. Piaget thought the focus was on the infant's thinking and that they must be self-initiated and definitely involved in learning activities. He recognised that not all age groups thought the same way and dealt with changes in circumstances in different ways.

In my environment of 2-4 years we all plan the activities around the child's development periods but permit the children to use the activity within their own way. The children aren't expected to utilize the activities in the same manner and are prompted to share right now there ideas together. Because of Piaget's theories pre schools possess a more practical approach and plan actions by assessing the infant's needs.

Psychoanalytical (Freud)

Freud believed a child's character is shaped during right now there childhood as well as the relationships that they had with their colleagues, and how the child's personality develops during different periods of child years. Freud surely could observe this through constant observations.

In my preschool with 2-4 yr olds we all ensure that findings are taken place on a daily basis, all of us use the observations to asses and strategy future activities to suit kid's development requires.

Humanist (Maslow)

Maslow believed that the child's simple needs would have to be met and felt secure to make these people feel comfortable enough to move onto the next creation stage. This individual believed that for a kid to progress they had to achieve the prior level including having a good diet will showcase a infant's ability to learn.

Within my pre institution we are able to this my providing each child with a key person, with someone that they may have built a great relationship with will enable them to feel safe and secure within the setting, and give them with a happy learning environment. This is why within our setting, we have snack as well as encourage every child to have piece of fruits to give them the energy to...


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