Drama was the key literary wonder of the Elizabethan age. At first, these series were not thus well- created, though the not series were a lot better than the tragedies. Ralph Roister Doister is usually taken as the first regular English funny. It was a form of farce in rough verse written by Nicholas Udall. An additional comedy was Gammer Gurton's Needle served at Cambridge University in 1566. Lyly improved the comedy in the prose humor Compaspe and Edimion. В В В В В Gorboduc, written by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, was your first standard tragedy. It absolutely was very lifeless and drafted in poor blank verse. Thomas Kyd improved the tragedy by simply writing The Spanish Misfortune. It is a tragedy of blood vessels and vengeance. Christopher Marlowe

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The first great dramatist of the time was Christopher Marlowe. Though he lived a shorter life, he wrote several powerful tragedies, which are measured among the wonderful works of English level. He demonstrated originality both in choice of subject material and the make use of blank verse. His powerful blank verse strengthens the drams as well as the development of character heightens the sense of tragedy. His first disaster Tamburlaine the truly great is created in bare verse with colorful images of electrical power and violence. | |В |The play helped bring a new kind of life to the English movie theater. | | | |Tamburlaine is the shepherd and a robber. The play presents | | | |his mad desire for personal power great rise to it. The | | | |kings who will be defeated by his armies are ill treated. The | | | |ruler of the Turkey is extracted from place to place in a cage | | |...


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