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A person by identity Mr. Laxmaiah is a tutor, working in Zilla Parishad University in a town called Karepally, near Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. Laxmaiah garu keeps with partner, mother, two kids, and with 60 HIV orphaned children.

He is spending all his salary of Rs twenty-five, 000 /- per month through care of these types of HIV influenced orphaned children. His partner Kalpana Lagu, an Aeronautical Engineer, lost her profession and is performing a tremendous in order to these children by food preparation, feeding, sending the children to schools & taking care of their medical requires. I suggested her that if the girl goes for employment and make something, that amount at least can be put in for their personal children & their upcoming. Surprisingly, the lady told that no one is usually coming forward to render service even if that they offered a monthly salary as a result of deep rooted bias toward HIV affliction.

They are to not get any type of help, either fiscally or materlistically except Mister. Laxmiah's Earnings. In this pitiable condition, his wife fantastic Mother are offering unconditional and selfless service to the orphaned HIV influenced children.

I have personally stopped at their place in Khamman with my Brother-In-Law from Hyderabad.

After seeing the situation there was that has been extremely pitiable, and heart breaking, unknowingly my personal eye lids were wet with tears..

Laxmaiah garu, aged well below 40 years fantastic family is rendering selfless service to the orphaned HIV afflicted children singlehandedly without tending to their long term, which is very noble.

Simply medicines are supplied free of cost by the Govt. to these children and providing two simple dishes a day has turned into a huge burden financially to Mr. Laxmaiah garu & his friends and family. Also, taking these kids for periodic medical checkup and medication to nearby Govt. Hospital is now very difficult.

In view of the above, I would like to share this with you and would value and meet...


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