Via hundred and fifty – one hundred and eighty kilometers years noises of the earlier epoch arrive to all of us more subduedly. But a historian, refreshing the picture of the very far-off moments and its characters, is already free from any partiality and prejudicialness of the past epoch; the historical situations and historical characters, proven by the strong measures of time, find their actual size, history designates everyone his place. Napoleon Buonaparte using this long distance appears in all of the his inconsistency. He is apprehended first of all as a son of his time - a critical epoch, the epoch of transformation from the old feudal world towards the new lout society being released in the stead of. His name associates with dimensionless aspirations, despotic regulation, cruel bloody battles, sateless thirst of conquests. For sure, it would be right to say that Napoleon Buonaparte was one of the most remakable representative of bourgeoisie then it was still young bold ascending classe, that he personified one of the most completely all its benefits and its proper even with the early level shortcomings. As long as there was more elements of progressive in Napoleon‟s action, good fortune, wins accompanied him. So when Napoleonic Wars turned into real aggressive, imperialistic wars which usually brought enslavement and oppression to European nations, after that neither non-e of Napoleon‟s personal gifts nor tremendous efforts he made already couldn‟t bring him the success. He was coming with immenence for the ruin of his empire and to his own failing. His pros and cons were accompanying enaugh. Napoleon Buonaparte was obviously a son of his epoch an impressed in his character features of his age. Almost all following characters of bourgeoisie who was deceiving to the Napoleon‟s role, showing historical evolution of the class representatives of which they were, became petty, degenerated into a poor mock or caricature of image they tried to copy. However it is definitely impossible to strike out of your annals the Napoleon Buonaparte‟s name. In nineteen sixty-eight...


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