Academic learning and Sports Education will be, actually, the complementariness of each other. They are the two factors of the same gold coin. If total education makes full advancement the over-all personality of a pupil conceivable, he has got the qualities of leadership, patience, sharing and team-spirit by sports. The mental expansion, including the power of reasoning and vocational field of expertise, of course , originates from the teachers. It, consequently , becomes essential that education should result in the mental, meaningful and physical development of a student. But nobody can deny that, unfortunately, the present-day system of education lies too much pressure on mental development, pays only lips sympathy to moral richness and entirely neglects physical well-being of the student. The over-all consequence is the approaching of hordes of graduates, post¬graduates and diversified pros with frail body and poor body. For a great all-round progress a child, the curriculum ought to include sports and games and health education. Sufficient quantity of school time should be devoted to Sports and Physical Teaching. It is heartening to note that in order to fix the past mistake, the C. B. H. E. and the most other Panels of Education in many says have made the Sports Education a required subject to the + two level. However the irony would be that the subject offers yet to get credited seriousness and importance used. Sports Education needs to be released with all earnestness, because mental and ethical development is not really possible without physical creation. We must remember that ‘a sound mind recides only in a sound body'. A strong and healthy student will, in the end, surpass the pale, sickly, scholar who will be merely a bookworm. A healthy and strong person is not possible with out sports. The development of body is essential in life. All of our physical enjoyments, and to some degree, even mental enjoyments, depend upon our body. All our degrees and achievements will probably be of no use...


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