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Module 3: All-natural Forces Impacting on the Driver

Vocabulary: Please specify six (6) of the following terms is likely to words. Please do not just replicate and paste the definition. 1 . Gravity- the force that pulls objects into the Globe

2 . Inertia- something that allows objects to remain still when it is still and in motion whether it is motion three or more. Potential Energy- the amount of strength an object provides when even now 4. Kinetic Energy- the amount of energy a subject has whilst moving 5. Friction- the resistance of 1 surface about another area 6. Traction-the pulling of something over a surface

several. Centrifugal Force- A force that serves on an thing moving around a center, coming from the object's inertia 8. Centripetal Force- A pressure that serves on an object moving in a circular path and is ripped toward the middle around that this object is usually moving. 9. Deceleration-a decrease in the speed of an object

15. Force of impact-the strength transfer among objects on impact

Component 4: Symptoms, Signals & Pavement Marks

1 . Describe the purpose of the following

A. The difference between solid and broken lines is: to be able to cross in to another lane in the same traveling direction and distancing the two distinct traveling way lanes is the difference between cracked and sound lines respectively. B. Yellow-colored lines (broken or solid) indicate which kind of traffic flow: Yellowish lines cracked or stable indicate contrary flows of traffic. C. White lines (broken or solid) suggest what type of traffic: The white line means traffic in both lanes is traveling inside the same course. The cracked lines reveal that drivers may alter lanes.

2 . See and...


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