" The study of sociology are not able to and should not be seen because scientific” As to what extent carry out sociological disputes and data support this view? (33 marks) The debate regarding whether sociology can be displayed as a research has persisted for many years. Comte; who first used the term sociology asserted that sociology should be based upon the method of the natural sciences. He argues the fact that application of organic science methodology to the study of culture would make a ‘positive research of society', showing that behaviour inside the social universe is governed by regulations in the same way because behaviour in the natural universe. He saw sociology while the ‘queen of sciences' and deemed it the last and most sophisticated form of sociology to develop. Sociologists such as Comte are impressed by science in explaining the natural world. Such sociologists are referred to as positivists. Positivists claim that the methods of normal sciences can be applied to the study of people within society. They believe that by doing this it permits one to gain true and objective understanding. Positivists say that reality is a unique thing existing outside of the mind, so contemporary society can be examined objectively since factual reality. Early positivists argued that research can result in the control and improvement of world. However there are conflicting opinions about if sociology is seen as research or not really. Whilst positivists argue that the goal of sociology ought to be to study cultural facts and measured quantitatively other sociologists who will be subjective and relativistic such as interpretivist argue that people are unpredictable; that they usually do not simply reply to external pushes. A positivist sociologist will use scientific methods of research such as observations to study the patterns of society, in order to discover the laws that determine how society functions. This can be performed using trials, questionnaires, organized interviews mainly because these give target and value free results producing sociable facts that can be read off with statistical precision. These kinds of methods also produce reliable data that could be checked by other researchers repeating the experiment. This type of methods highly influenced Durkheim's view of positivism. He also implemented a technological methodology and hypothesis technique in which info must be competent of being analyzed against proof from methodical experimentation. One of one such study would be the research that Durkheim carried out in 'Suicide like a Social Fact' in which he used established statistics to investigate what causes a person to commit committing suicide. He assumed that in the event that he could show that there were cultural patterns and causes applicable to suicide; he'd be able to demonstrate sociology while having a technological guideline. In Durkheim's positivistic theory of suicide he used the state statistics of various societies to summarize that committing suicide was not as a result of individual motivation but simply by social details that experienced cause and effect outcome. This this individual found to get integration and regulation; therefore he pictured that sociology can and really should model on its own on scientific research. Durkheim being a positivist stated to use natural science technique; he used the twin social forces of sociable integration and moral regulation to explain suicide even though not was observable or quantifiable. Durkheim argues that to have the truth about how precisely society functions scientific study is necessary. To show that sociology was a science having its own unique subject matter Durkheim chose to research suicide. This individual believed in the event that he may show this kind of highly person act got social triggers it would set up sociology's position as a clinical discipline. Applying quantitative data from established statistics Durkheim observed patterns in committing suicide rates. Rates for Protestants were above Catholics and he for that reason concluded patterns could not be due to the causes of individuals, but were social facts. Durkheim argues the social details responsible for deciding suicide rates were...


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