Level three or more Award IN Education and Training -- Mark Kendrick

Unit 1 Understanding Functions Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training Question 1

1 . 1 Main Position and obligations as a teacher/trainer in education and training The main position of a teacher/trainer should be to educate in a way which in turn engages learners and actively engage learning during just about every lesson in spite of the environment. In my position mainly because it manager in Barnsley School there are tasks and duties that are started facilitate personal and efficiency goals a similar can be said pertaining to teaching and learning. As a teacher/trainer I will need to be capable to adapt my own style of instructing by being a pal, counsellor, coach to ensure that my personal learners are able to rely on myself to meet their very own individual learning needs. To the end I possess the position of assessor, most scholars have different learning needs and it is my work to identify these needs within the teaching and learning cycle to ensure my students get the best connection with learning likely. I will must have the skills to promote equality and diversity and addition in the classroom. First assessments will help me to distinguish my learners needs which may include poor hand writing, poor reading skills, or any disability it really is a barrier towards the individuals learning need, A diagnostic test out will be performed to identify person learner needs and if any more support is essential this will then form the root of the individual learning plan. By doing the initial and diagnostic tests this will enable me because the trainer to understand how to apply the various assessment strategies to meet the needs of the person student which often may improve the motivation with the student and present me the confidence to provide the training. Determining the students needs expertise and know-how will help to recognize any areas that may must be referred or where advice and direction can be directed at support learners to achieve. One other area for me personally as teacher/trainer is to strategy effective and inclusive learning programmes that promote the application of equality and diversity. I will want to use different teaching methods and approiate activities which met the needs of the curriculum as well as the needs in the learners. Different teaching strategies could be group discussions, query and solution sessions or perhaps practical presentations. The approiate planning will probably be determined by the identified learner needs which often will point me towards the approiate teaching methods to be applied, this is an essential aspect of teaching to ensure learners feel comfortable and are also ready to find out. Training should always involve students at the organizing stage to ensure they are certainly not surprised by the assessment conditions or they cannot feel as well overwhelmed if they are involved on the planning level the student could make suggestions and choices which will not push them in a position of panic and will help them to attain their objective.  � I need to as a trainer be able to give a range of approaches and solutions to meet the needs of your individual or possibly a group of students. It is my personal responsibility to develop and generate teaching and learning materials appropriate for a range of purposes and target audiences. Different learners will vary levels of understanding and knowledge, and if I actually am to achieve success in the delivery of the schooling then I will need to use diverse teaching methods, such as digital media, hand outs and practical demonstrations which should be approiate for the curriculum being delivered. These kinds of teaching methods will enhance equality, variety and inclusion and will potentially have for vocabulary, literacy, numeracy and details and communication technology for learners and may make that easier for individuals who understand aesthetic, auditory learning. Some pupils learn better from viewing and hearing a video than doing practical work whilst others try some fine more practical approach. As being a teacher I am dependable and need to...

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