Many of the problems associated with quality programs will be the result of improved complexity. The half-life strategy, a new device, strives to generate complexity even more manageable. Getting into

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so , learning is definitely accelerated and improvement turns into continuous.


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plateau. A diagnosis completed by the 21-member executive group singled out the main cause because lack of proven commitment to perform Quality Managing (T. Queen. M. ) by this very same group. Since vice president of quality and productivity improvement, I was anticipated to come up with likely corrective actions. My solution was that every single person of the group take those most critical issue facing him and apply T. Q. M. methods and equipment for its quality. The producing success stories will dramatically show the entire business that top rated management techniques what it preaches. My recommendation was met with universal skepticism. Although they most




were not able to explain all their opposition, the group members expressed their particular instinctive being rejected of the idea. " My take is that that's precisely the wrong thing to do, ” one of them said. " I you do not have the time to waste on something that I know will not likely work, ” another said. Such landscapes were nearly unanimous. I had developed given all of them a standard T. Q. M. response, plus they had undoubtedly turned it down. I knew that being aware of what was behind their predatory instincts to decline T. Q. M. was obviously a key to returning us to the path of continuous improvement. Shortly after that, I was an extra at a two-day To. Q. Meters. training session held at a company that awarded a Malcolm Baldrige Nationwide Quality Award. The instructor was an outside advisor from one with the largest and a lot prestigious Capital t. Q. Meters. organizations inside the

United States. During the final question-and-answer period, I asked the instructor whether he believed there were any problems that are not solvable using T. Queen. M. is actually seven management and preparing tools (the subject with the training course). His answer was unexpected. He confident us that there were no limits to tools. " In fact , ” he went on to say, " I believe we could quickly cure tumor if we could only get the research community to use these tools. ” This answer is at sharp comparison to a response I had received a month earlier to a comparable question. That point I was playing a meeting of senior management who were learning and applying Hoshin Kanri (another T. Q. M. tool) in planning and implementing discoveries in their agencies. Our trainer was a

of rapid quality improvement, progress at Analog Devices Incorporation. began to


Arthur M. Schneiderman is an independent consultant based in Boxford, Mass. He specializes in aiding senior managers identify, assess and enhance their most critical operations. Mr. Schneiderman was previously vice president of quality and productivity improvement at Analog Devices Inc. Before that he was a consultant with Bain & Company. Mister. Schneiderman is a graduate of Massachusetts Commence of Technology, holding B. S. and M. S. degrees in mechanical engineering and a great M. S. in management from the Sloan School. Copyright ©1992-1998 Arthur M. Schneiderman. Every rights appropriated.


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question of whether or not there exists a intricacy level previously mentioned which improvement fails and the half-life becomes infinite. I possess continued learning the relationship among T. Q. M. and process complexity. I have offered the half-life concept in dozens of conferences and numerous organization school classes. It is the subject of a Harvard Business University case study2 and has been described in numerous recent catalogs on the subject of overall performance measurement. three or more, 4, 5 I have also benefited coming from discussion with...


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