Examine the idea of Tahwid in Islam Tahwid is the oneness or unity of The almighty; it is the notion of monotheism in Islam. This is certainly expressed because ‘'there is not a God yet Allah. '' Tahwid signifies a rigid social and moral composition based on the belief in the Qur'an as Gods final phrases and reveals strict monotheism in Islam, an example of this can be Salah, therefore prayer. Like a Muslim you aren't expected to disturb your schedule 5 times every day to pray to Jahve, doing this may help making the belief in Allah real. Also, woman is expected to follow a moderate conduct, what this means is not being pompous to others, offering about what you could have and others may well not have, by way of example money. And you simply shouldn't bring attention upon yourself since all focus should be upon God. The belief in Tahwid forms the central component to Shahadah, the first quitar says ‘'there is no The almighty but Our god and Muhammad is the messenger of The almighty. '' This is important because Muslims should go to follow this kind of saying/belief almost all their lives because as a Muslim you would notice this since the first thing and the last thing in the life, therefore you happen to be brought up to only believe in a single God, Thor. To go against this would be viewed as sinful. Tahwid stresses the absolute unity of God. This implies the denial of the notion of any other Gods or state of mind; you have to be pure in your perception in Goodness though-out your life if you want to have a happy afterlife in Heaven. Submitting to Our god can be seen in the condemnation of Jahilliyah. Jahilliyah means ‘'the age of ignorance'', the pre-Islamic Meccans had been very ignorant to Our god. They believe in individuality and they mostly supported more than one Our god and mood. This is self-centered because they only prayed to Our god when they wished something to benefit all of them, asking what God can easily do for these people. Muhammad attended pre-Islamic Mecca to say the meaning which had received to him by an angel. He said things like ‘'Woe to he who also amasses wealth''...


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