Our culture reflects ethnic, ethnic, and religious variety.

America is actually a " melting pot” and constitutionally welcomes ever gentleman as equal. America was formed by migration. In history Us citizens fought for freedom in race including the Civil Warfare. The City War took place because everyone didn't have confidence in slavery, mostly the North disagreed. In the united states we have regulation that America no one can cause you to be practice a faith and the federal government can't make an official to get the country. The American personal system is created upon constitutional and consultant government. The American political system is constructed by our constitutionally correct and the correct and regulations being made and enforce by simply our consultant government.. We have the metabolism that pledges individual flexibility that defends us by overpowering authorities. The rep government offer people insight on who is going to represent them intended for the government. Generally in most governmental ballots are done not really by community but because of your representative government. After elections though the consultant government standard can pick weather conditions or to not listen to both you and follow through with his campaign promises or websites. For a good example in the cosmetic is declares to run pertaining to president you have to be a U. S born citizen, at least more than 30 years old, and must stay in the United States intended for 14 years, however the American persons decide who is president based off electral college votes. The American belief within a unique national destiny affects it relationships with other international locations. America being consider a leader has the responsibility upon on its own to help other counties. America step in when ever country ruin the basic independence of theirs citizens, that individuals highly highly valued.


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