James Clawson

Prof Balma

Poli Sci 110

Nov 5th, 2012

Ron Paul's Liberty Defined

I chose Ron Paul's publication because of every one of the candidates lately, his message is the most consistent in the ideals I would hope an elected official would hold. Even though I do don't agree with him on a number of issues, his overall meaning of liberty and independence strike a chord, specially in our current age of government overreach. His blunt method of government intrusion and the handouts society is becoming conditioned to demand in return color a morbid picture of your current point out, but rather than simply condemning us to doom, this individual always has at least a proposal to correct the wrong. His willingness to talk about what therefore few will certainly, harshly criticizing both the liberals and conservatives of his own party, give legitimacy to his claims, painting a picture of the man above the party politics that have become us in such a big mess to begin with.

The ebooks itself is definitely broken up into 50 short chapters, a straight to the stage affair protecting everything from child killingilligal baby killing to around the world to zionism. The style alone lends to a better examining experience, rather than stretching and filling to make a plot like the majority of books, this individual simply lay down and wrote what he sensed on person topics. The responses may be slightly recurring, his desire to have individual freedom and an limited government shine through on regarding every matter, but he does a good job in outlining how these types of concepts may solve most problems, if applied around universally. Total, the file format makes one feel like the writer has not hide, they are the topics and these are his views on them. I wish all major politicians released a book in a comparable format, it could cut through a lot of the spin that help voters to determine where the stand on the issues, something few strive to attain these days.

Dr . Paul him self tries to maintain his personal judgment on most topics out of the writings, an odd strategy for a publication...


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