The Crucible: John Proctor and Ruben Hale -- Good Resident vs . Good Person

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows the two main characters, David Proctor and Reverend Ruben Hale as " very good men". The definition of " great men" from this play is usually ambiguous. Reverend John Good was a good man in the sense of being the ideal and good citizen of Massachusetts in the 1600's. Having been pious, pythagorean to the laws and regulations and philosophy, and a fantastic Puritan Christian. John Proctor, on the contrary will not be considered the best citizen. Having been not so religious, nor the perfect Christian, and was not so adherent towards the Puritan's laws and philosophy. However , having been still regarded a " good man", as a person rather than becoming an ideal Puritan citizen. Having been very honest, moral, devoted to his friends and family, and was generous. The major difference between the two are good resident vs . good person.

The main trait to prove that David Proctor was obviously a good person was his honesty. In every single scene in the play that John Proctor is in, his commendable trustworthiness stands out. That didn't subject how much trouble he would deliver himself in to, his philosophy was " I may speak my heart" (Miller, p. 30). Proctor's honesty eventually lead to his downfall and death.

The first event in the play where we see Proctor's trustworthiness is after the affair he previously with Abigail. He noticed his problem and was honest and admitted it to his wife Elizabeth. In the next circumstance where Proctor is included he explains to the Reverend Parris how come he does not like him, and it also gets him in to trouble. He tells him, " Are you able to speak a minute or so without we all land in hell once again, I'm sick and tired of hell! (p. 30). He could be honest, yet disrespectful to his reverend. While in court, John Proctor is too honest towards the judges. He admits his guilt of not being a religious Christian and says " I have once or twice plowed upon Sunday" (p. 91) and he as well admits not going to church just about every Sunday. This individual also admits that this individual committed adultery and had an affair...


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