Good morning category and instructors today I am going to tell you about Thomas more and the impacts he previously on Christianity. Thomas Even more born was created on dairy street within the 7th of February 1478. St . Thomas More was known as " A Man for a lot of Seasons". During his lifestyle he was a scholar, an author, a lawyer, a politician, a teacher, a husband and a dad. In all of his activities, he was motivated and well guided by the unfailing moral compass in his existence, his Catholic faith. Thomas More was a friend of Erasmus along with King Holly VIII, and a very spiritual man, once seriously looking at joining a monastery.  Thomas More was an influential presidential candidate and a defender from the Roman Catholic Church. Having been a friend of Erasmus and of King Holly VIII, and a very religious man, once seriously taking into consideration joining a monastery. � At the start of his politics career, Even more was one of many two undersheriffs in London. Later he became Master of Requests, and then a Happy Councillor, portion under the full. More was knighted after he proceeded a diplomatic visit to Charles V, the Holy Both roman Emperor. After becoming the secretary and private adviser to King Holly VIII, Jones began to meet foreign diplomats, draft official documents, and serve as the hyperlink between Holly and the Master Chancellor Jones Wolsey. Two years after having been knighted, he was elected while Speaker of the home of Commons and later because High Steward for Oxford and Cambridge universities. Given that you at this point know whom Tomas more was we intend to talk about his effect on christanianty. When holly declared himself supreme head of the of the church in England therefore establishing the Anglican church and allowing him to end his marriage. More than resigned the chancellorship, he continued to argue against the king's divorce plus the spilt with Rome, and in 1534 was arrested following refusing to swear a great oath of succession repudiating the pope and receiving the annulment of henry's marriage. Having been tried pertaining to treason in Westminster and on 6...


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